Create a Vue.js application

codepen django

Before combining Django Framework and Vue.js

In learning the tutorial on combining Django Framework and Vue.js, I was afraid to proceed without knowing anything about Vue.js, so I decided to take a little detour and create an app in Vue.js.

Practiced hands-on with some YouTube tutorials

Vue JS Crash Course 2021

I used CodePen, which allows Vue.js to run in a web browser.

Register an account with CodePen right away to try out the Vue JS Crash Course 2021!

Reference for CodePen

See the Pen Vue.js Random User Generator by Brad Traversy (@bradtraversy) on CodePen.

How to use Vue.js with CodePen

I was able to view numerous interesting codes on CodePen and learned a lot.

I wanted to learn more about Vue.js, so I was searching and found a learning site called scrimba. I took a few classes to learn the basics of Vue.js for free.

I also joined the community because scrimba had an active community on discord. It is an exciting community of people from all over the world who want to hone their skills.

Someone I met in that discord community introduced me to a program offered by Harvard, and I immediately registered. (CS50’s Web Programming with Python and JavaScript)


Flask Blog App using Bootstrap Template


そういえば、こちらのCS50にも discord コミュニティがあって、参加してみたところ、やはり世界中から人が集まり、大盛況の様子。