Check the operation of the serializer in Postman

postman-test rest-framework

I learned serializer in Postman.

Continuing on from yesterday, I’m lost in the Django Restframework!

In the midst of all this, I learned about a service called Postman and tried it out, so I made a note of it.

(red line) In body -> form-data, Send (blue button) with KEY VALUE left blank returns an error.

The message “NULL constraint failed” is returned.

Input KEY and VALUE described in and Send returns a formatted response.

You can change the description of the serializer in of the created application to check the operation.

How to use Postman, a useful tool for API development and testing

How to use “Postman” to make a lot of progress in API development.

Don’t be afraid even if it’s your first time! Let’s use Postman and get to grips with the Web API!


VSC error message: Import “django.db” could not be resolved from source